Josie Ho Interview for Dream Home

 Cheng Li-sheung in Dream Home is a complex and fascinating character. Was there anything you specifically did to prepare to play the character and what was the experience like on set?

It was a very fascinating experience for me because Cheng Li-sheung is a classic anti hero. I had such a great time portraying her. I see similarities between myself and Cheng. I understand how extreme a person can go when they are balls to the wall.  For the action part, I started practising by stabbing shit, it was quite exhilarating! I drew alot from my friends who are experiencing this crazy situation! Luckily they’re crazy in other ways! One of the best bit about this film was the crew.. All Soilders!! We got to experience this unique experience together of shooting a Hong Kong Slasher but at the same time be on the economic news!! Where else can we file our complaint to, if it wasn’t for a film like this. Really proud to get this film out there!

Dream Home has scenes of quite extreme violence and it sounds like Revenge: A Love Story will be similarly violent. Is the power of violence on screen and the way it can be used something that particularly interests you?

Violence in Dream Home and Revenge: A Love Story is just a side effect of 852 Films choice to do genre films for its first 2 films..

That Genre being Horror in the broadest sense!! I’m not particularly into violence.. unless someone gets in my way!! haha!! I guess it also reflects society nowadays.. as I feel the violence portrayed in films is always going to be a portrayal.. Video games brings violence to a another dimension and the internet provides the real thing.. For Dream Home Pang Ho Cheung is the sick puppy.. I’m the puppy!

Catergory III Films were a staple diet of Hong Kong cinema in the Golden Era (80′s).. we intend to open the can of worms again!

The film is a dark tale that appears to be heavily influenced by recent social and economic issues. Was this something that drew you to the project and what about them in particular interested you?

A Slasher film with real content and meaning.. Hellyeah! Definitely attractive!! Mindless Slashers were always good.. until the market got so saturated they became boring!! 852 Films will always try and do something fresh.. wether it be the concept, crew, style, genre.. but seriously it’s PHC’s mind that is twisted and warped added with he’s blend of the social commentary made Dream Home a green light all the way! Cat III films rides again!

In previous interviews you have spoken of your creative involvement in Dream Home. Do you have any desires to move into directing features?

I love acting and always thought directing was such a bigger task but some point in my life I’d probably give it a go! In the meantime I still love to create the world for myself and drown myself in it!!

With 852 films it seems that you are helping in the production of films that are not necessarily just commercial but have the potential to be both artistically interesting and financially successful. Is this a consideration and what are your views on the future of the Hong Kong film industry?

With 852 Films it has always been about balance, Our life in Hong Kong is about balance.. East meets West.. Alot of us of this generation studied abroad and brought western cultures back!! And blended everything.. we all are blending! So I guess that’s our natural flow.. Hong Kong Film industries going to flourish for sure! The whole world for that matter!! With the technology there for everyone to use.. filming is going to go to another dimension.

I understand that we will soon be seeing you in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion. What has the experience of working with Soderbergh been like and are you interested in starring in more American films?

It was just a fantastic experience working with Steven, especially when he comes from the independent film world! So free and liberating.. hope all the american directors are like him!! Just finished The Courier with Jeffery Dean Morgan, another awesome guy.. hope all american actors are like him!! Yeah if the americans I work with are like any of these guys.. I’m there!!!!!

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