Spotlight Review

There’s a moment in the first episode of season five of The Wire – which stars Spotlight director Tom McCarthy as a reporter – in which the older reporters at the Baltimore Sun school a fresh faced journalist about the importance of minor details. They explain to her an error that she made in stating in an article … Read more


The Big Short, Our Brand Is Crisis and the mistake in talking down to audiences

The following piece discusses The Big Short and Our Brand Is Crisis in detail, including references to the films’ final moments. Both films are based on real life events and in both cases it is relatively easy to see the direction in which they are going. But if you would rather not risk any spoilers … Read more


Room review

Director Lenny Abrahamson doesn’t appear to like making things easy for himself. His 2014 film Frank rested heavily on a number of complex emotions being conveyed by a character, played by Michael Fassbender, who wore a paper mache head for almost the entirety of the film. And his latest, the emotionally wrought Room, features characters who are, … Read more

Franco Nero Django Unchained

A Guide to the Film References in Django Unchained

Much like many of Tarantino’s previous films Django Unchained is filled to the brim with film references. Below I’ve attempted to guide you through some of these references and links to other films. The following is in no way definitive but hopefully provides some answers for those wondering what Tarantino was referencing in Django Unchained. Also, most importantly, … Read more