A guide to the film and television references in The Hateful Eight

Ever since Quentin Tarantino began writing and directing movies he’s been sprinkling references to his favourite films and television series throughout his work. Whether it’s a borrowed plot, a character name, a particular piece of framing or a certain costuming choice, there are enough breadcrumbs leading to Tarantino’s favourite media to possibly leave you feeling somewhat … Read more

Festival de Cannes 2016

Festival de Cannes 2016

This will be my sixth year covering the Cannes Film Festival and as with previous years, I will be heading to the festival with a schedule filled with numerous clashes and a lot of high hopes. You will be able to read reviews and interviews from me from the festival at Flickreel and I will also be posting … Read more

Links for 2016

A guide to the film and television references in The Hateful Eight The American Dreamer Review Exclusive details about the two new Exorcist television series Spotlight Review The Big Short, Our Brand is Crisis and the Mistake in Talking Down to Audiences Room Review Jem and the Holograms Review The Green Inferno review Deadpool review … Read more

Jem and the Holograms Review

Following the commercial success of the G.I. Joe toys and cartoon series in the early eighties, Hasbro set about trying to repeat their winning formula with a new cartoon series entitled Jem. G.I. Joe writer Christy Marx was brought in and in 1985 Jem began airing on US television. It’s now thirty years later and we have a live-action Jem … Read more