The Club Review

The setting for Pablo Larrain’s The Club is a quiet coastal town in Chile, in which there sits a small home inhabited by a group of men and one woman. As the film opens, these men appear to simply be retirees, living out their twilight years watching greyhound races and sharing each other’s company. But … Read more

Arrival Review

Denis Villeneuve’s stunning new science fiction film, Arrival, begins with the appearance of 12 alien spacecraft on Earth. They land – albeit by actually hovering slightly above the ground in an eerie fashion – in 12 seemingly random points around the world and as governments in each country struggle to decide what to to do, … Read more

Train to Busan Review

Already a runaway box office success domestically in South Korea, Train To Busan is exactly the kind of blockbuster that gives blockbusters a good name, with entertaining action, effective characterisation and enough smart ideas to chew on for those looking for a little more from their big budget spectacles. Train To Busan opens with an … Read more

The Conjuring 2 Review

The Conjuring 2 begins with a cold open which does a quick job of portraying some of the infamous Amityville case which made the real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren so famous. The Warrens, played by the ever reliable Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, are the focus of director James Wan’s The Conjuring … Read more