Nebraska Review

Filled with wry humour and pathos by the truck load Nebraska feels like something of a return to a familiar form and a higher standard for Alexander Payne, following his perfectly fine but rather underwhelming The Descendants. Nebraska begins with a shot of a solitary figure, which we later discover is Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), … Read more

Frank Pavich Interview for Jodorowsky’s Dune

What do you think of Jodorowsky’s latest film? I think it’s astounding. I know Brontis [who plays the lead]. We worked together on Dune obviously, he did a play last year that I saw and he’s fantastic in, he’s in a new Mexican film called Tau and he’s fantastic in that. But La Danza is … Read more

Short Takes: May 2013

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS (C-) Mikkelsen/Lavant both great but they have little to do in this plodding, windswept period piece. ZULU (D) CSI: CAPE TOWN. Dull & predictable ‘thriller’. Socio-politics sometimes interesting, often problematic. Bloom hilariously bad. VENUS IN FUR (B-) Trashy good fun. Lots of amusing fact/fiction director/director parallels. Dialogue superb, everything else merely solid. ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (B) … Read more

Behind the Candelabra Review

Whilst Side Effects has received a lot of publicity for potentially being Steven Soderbergh’s last film, the HBO produced Behind the Candelabra is currently playing in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and will receive a theatrical release throughout Europe next month. ‘TV Movies’ have played Cannes before and they will no doubt play here … Read more