Festival de Cannes 2016

Festival de Cannes 2016

This will be my sixth year covering the Cannes Film Festival and as with previous years, I will be heading to the festival with a schedule filled with numerous clashes and a lot of high hopes. You will be able to read reviews and interviews from me from the festival at Flickreel and I will also be posting … Read more

Cannes: Dheepan review

Jacques Audiard has taken a somewhat surprising change of direction after the melodramtic romance of Rust and Bone, opting for a largely Tamil-language immigrant drama for his follow up. More surprising is how the film reaches towards social realism, before ultimately spinning out of control into something more akin to Death Wish 3. The film, named after its … Read more

Cannes: Our Little Sister review

While it was adapted from a manga by Akimi Yoshida, Our Little Sister also follows very closely in the delicate footsteps of director Hirokazu Koreeda’s previous two films, the extraordinary I Wish and Like Father, Like Son. Once again, this is a story focused on familial relations, separation and reconciliation. The lead characters this time are four sisters, the … Read more

Cannes: Dope review

Dope’s lead character is Malcolm (Shameik Moore), a self-identified geek. He likes Game of Thrones, is in a punk band, and is obsessed with the nineties, and in particular nineties hip hop. 2 Live Crew, Digital Underground, Public Enemy and many, many more get a mention in Dope‘s dialogue, or an inclusion on the film’s extraordinary soundtrack. … Read more