Steven ‘The Butcher’ Soderbergh Part 1 – Psychos

Welcome to the first part of a series on Steven ‘The Butcher’ Soderbergh, wherein I take a look at Steven Soderbergh‘s online video releases. Throughout these features I will not only look at the way in which these films do, or do not, work but also try to understand Soderbergh’s possible motivations. The first of Steven Soderbergh’s published experiments, … Read more

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3D review

The new 3D version of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was supposed to be released to US cinemas this September, with Revenge of the Sith following shortly after, but the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney and their plans for an Episode VII appear to have gotten in the way of this release … Read more

The Congress Review

  The split between live-action and animation in Ari Folman’s The Congress, his follow-up to Waltz With Bashir, is a bold choice but one that seems a little hard to understand. It appears motivated by the desire to show the contrast between two worlds, but this a point made that is so simplistic that one reaches for … Read more

Top Ten Films Of 2013

My top ten films of 2013, based on US release dates. 1. 12 Years a Slave 2. Inside Llewyn Davis Read my review here. 3. At Berkeley 4. Side Effects 5. Behind the Candelabra Read my review here. 6. Blue is the Warmest Color Read my review here. 7. Gravity Read my review here. 8. … Read more