Ari Folman on the future of cinema, filmmaking and why he’s done with 35mm

In the first part of my interview with The Congress‘ director, Ari Folman, we discussed the specifics of how that film was made and his secretive working process with the highly talented Robin Wright. Now, in this second part, Mr. Folman shares his thoughts on the current state of cinema, what the future might hold, and also why he’s done with … Read more

Ari Folman discusses The Congress, Robin Wright and directing live-action and animation

Ari Folman‘s The Congress, his follow-up to the widely acclaimed Waltz with Bashir, arrives in UK cinemas this week. To mark the occasion, I was lucky enough to speak to him at his home in Israel over the phone last week. We covered a great many subjects and chatted for some time, about his film, the … Read more

Robin Wright Shares Her Thoughts On The State Of Cinema At A Q&A For The Congress

Recalling a few similar points that Steven Soderbergh made in his State of Cinema address, Robin Wright shared some thoughts about the state of modern Hollywood during a Q&A at the London Film Festival last year. She began by talking about how she came to be involved in making The Congress before moving into some more general observations about … Read more

The Congress Review

  The split between live-action and animation in Ari Folman’s The Congress, his follow-up to Waltz With Bashir, is a bold choice but one that seems a little hard to understand. It appears motivated by the desire to show the contrast between two worlds, but this a point made that is so simplistic that one reaches for … Read more