Buy Damsels in Distress and Do the Sambola!

Damsels in Distress in out today on DVD in the UK and I can highly recommend picking yourself up a copy. I first saw the film when it played as the surprise screening at the London Film Festival and I fell head over heels for it, practically skipping out of the cinema and down the street. The film is something of an acquired taste but if it clicks with you then it really clicks.

I was lucky enough to speak to director Whit Stillman when he came to the UK to promote the theatrical release and you can read my interview with him in full here.

Below is a link to the DVD release on and also links to the U.S. DVD and Blu-ray releases that are due for release on the 25th of September. I shall be patiently waiting for the Blu-ray release and possibly using the time to perfect my Sambola…