Sunday Reads: 5th August 2012

The Man Who Hacked Hollywood The surprisingly fascinating account of the story behind the hacked email accounts of a large number of celebrities.

A letter from Tim League on the idea of “texting friendly” movie theaters Texting in movie theatres is wrong. Just wrong. This should be obvious, but if you need further convincing Tim League (of Drafthouse fame) offers an impassioned argument. (Embedded below is one of the Drafthouse’s wonderful PSAs)

Classic Hollywood: Louise Brooks’ Rise and Fall

Comic-Con Anonymous: Are Fanboys Still Worth the Time and Money An insider’s perspective on the real value of Comic-Con to film studios.

John Waters: Inside the Outsider’s World

Louie: Funny is Gravy Jim Emerson picks apart S3 E5 of Louie, offering some particularly interesting  readings from a form perspective.

Nathan Rabin on Louie S3 E4: Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 1)

Nathan Rabin on Louie S3 E5: Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 2)

I Assure You, We’re Open (to Criticism): On Kevin Smith, Critics and Hockey Announcers The depressing saga of Kevin Smith’s critic hating continues. Matt Singer weighs in with some intelligent and personal thoughts on Smith’s criticisms.

Kentucky Fried Freidkin

Reflections on a career writing made-for-TV movies.