Ten of the Greatest Films Ever Made

I could have added ‘…according to me’ to that rather vague headline. At the bottom of this post is a list of what I consider to be ten of the greatest films ever made. The list is (obviously) by no means definitive and roughly ten seconds after I sent the list to friend and colleague Adam Lowes – who was collating top tens for a feature – I had already changed my mind and greatly regretted certain omissions.

How could I not include any films from Jean Renoir, Kenji Mizoguchi, Billy Wilder, Yasujiro Ozu, Sam Fuller, Francis Ford Coppola, John Ford and so many more? Was there really not room for Citizen Kane on my list? How could I ignore such a stunning film as Hour of the Furnaces, which played a large part in sending me on the course to writing about film?

I always agonise too much over these kind of things though.

It is what it is, a far from from definitive list of ten films that I consider great. And boy are these films great. If there are any of these that you have not seen I heartily encourage you to watch them post haste, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

In no particular order, my list of ten of the greatest films ever made.

Chungking Express
The Passion of Joan of Arc
North by Northwest
The Crowd
8 1/2
Paris, Texas
A Woman Under the Influence
Blue Velvet