Sunday Reads: 24th February 2013

Charlie Sheen Charles Swan

Charlie Sheen Is Winning With Inside the Mind of Charles Swan II

Whilst I think the way in which Karina Longworth has her cake and eats it with this piece – dismissing those that have written about Sheen whilst falling into similar traps herself – there is some really fascinating detail in this piece at LA Weekly.

Steven Soderbergh on Quitting Hollywood, Getting the Best Out of J-Lo, and His Love of Girls

A great long interview with the now retired (?) filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, which includes the following fascinating piece of news about Kafka:

Well, I’m remaking—it’s been a long process—but I’m overhauling Kafka completely. It’s funny—wrapping a movie 22 years later! But the rights had reverted back to me and Paul Rassam, an executive producer, and he said, “I know you were never really happy with it. Do you want to go back in and play around?” We shot some inserts while we were doing Side Effects. I’m also dubbing the whole thing into German so the accent issue goes away. And Lem and I have been working on recalibrating some of the dialogue and the storytelling. So it’s a completely different movie.

Chinese censoring of Cloud Atlas is true truly a real problem

Hollywood has already begun tailoring films for China and much like Scott Mendelson I suspect this may result have worrying results.

Blu-Ray Consumer Guide: Face Up To Reality February 2013 Edition

Another of Glenn Kenny’s essential Blu-ray posts.

Film as Faith

Filmmaker Alex Barrett on the miracle of cinema.

Lisa Schwarzbaum on loving movies, being a critic, engaging with you, and the beauty of agreeing to disagree

Liza Schwarzbaum’s final post for Entertainment Weekly.

Deep Inside: A Study of 10000 Porn Stars and Their Careers

Crunching the numbers on American porn stars yields some fascinating results.

Criticwatch – The Side Effects of What We Do

E Film Critic provide an update on some of the most shameless quote whores.

Zeebox founder and former iPlayer boss Anthony Rose on the future of TV

Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church

A very interesting interview with Megan Phelps-Roper, who has recently left the Westboro Baptist church.

Red Obsessions: Film Business Moves from Hollywood to Asia

Another piece on how Hollywood is reacting to the growing market for films in Asia.