Sunday Reads: 4th November 2012

Roger Deakins on using the ARRI ALEXA on Skyfall

William A. Wellman: A Dossier A 187-page monograph edited by David Phelps and Gina Telaroli.

Why One of My Favorite Movies of the Year Was a Huge Flop In Its Home Country Matt Singer on why Sleepless Night may have benefited from being lost in translation.

A New Look Peter Jackson talks to the DGA Quarterly about 48 frames per second.

Foundas Leaving Film Society of Lincoln Center to Write For Village Voice

Film studios starting to release video-on-demand sales figures There are pros and cons in studios doing this but I think the way ‘film journalists’ will use it to talk about films like sport will be a big negative.

Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos Robert Florence rips apart the uneasy relationship between video games journalists and the video games industry. I love this piece.

Robert Florence on the Eurogamer Incident Rob Florence reflects on the fallout from his piece.

The Wainwright Profile A good round up of the Eurogamer story and the subsequent fallout.

Video game journalism — a response to the controversy A response to the recent controversy by a Guardian journalist.

Nigel Floyd: the relevance of film criticism today An interview with UK film critic Nigel Floyd.

11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote? Errol Morris at the New York Times. His short documentary ’11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?’ is embedded below.