Sunday Reads: 4th November 2012

Roger Deakins on using the ARRI ALEXA on Skyfall William A. Wellman: A Dossier A 187-page monograph edited by David Phelps and Gina Telaroli. Why One of My Favorite Movies of the Year Was a Huge Flop In Its Home Country Matt Singer on why Sleepless Night may have benefited from being lost in translation. A New … Read more

Errol Morris’ Team Spirit

Errol Morris’ has made a one minute TV commercial for ESPN focusing on sports fans supporting their teams from beyond the grave and it’s really rather brilliant. Also embedded below that is the eight minute ‘mini-documentary’ version that has just been released online. Filled with fascinating stories and a lot of pathos, Morris manages to … Read more

What’s Actually Wrong with the Weinsteins? Part Four: A Letter to Errol Morris

Following an interview with Errol Morris on NPR in 1988 Harvey Weinstein sent a letter to Morris detailing some of the issues he had with the interview. The letter is blunt and incredibly patronising. Morris is one of the most intelligent and eloquent interviewees I have heard and it is precisely the way in which he take … Read more