What’s Actually Wrong with the Weinsteins? Part Four: A Letter to Errol Morris

Following an interview with Errol Morris on NPR in 1988 Harvey Weinstein sent a letter to Morris detailing some of the issues he had with the interview. The letter is blunt and incredibly patronising. Morris is one of the most intelligent and eloquent interviewees I have heard and it is precisely the way in which he take care with what he says, eschewing any mindless hyperbole, that makes him so great to listen to. It is also I’m sure in part the reason why his films are often so excellent.

Probably the most inflammotory and ridiculous comment in the letter is the following,

If you continue to be boring, I will hire an actor in New York to pretend that he’s Errol Morris. If you have any casting suggestions, I’d appreciate that.

Not exactly a mature way of dealing with the problem.

Thanks to a posting at Errol Morris’ own site the letter can be read in full below and you can listen to the interview in question at NPR.