Bodyguards and Assassins Review

Set in 1905 Bodyguards and Assassins takes place during an interesting time in Chinese history. The film’s events occur before the revolution of 1911 which was given birth to by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. In this film Dr. Sun Yat-Sen has to escape a series of assassination attempts and the film builds to a sequence where … Read more

Ip Man 2 Review

Released in 2008 the first Ip Man film was a critical and box office hit. Part of a recent wave of high budget martial arts films coming out of Hong Kong and China that draw on the wealth of talent that the countries have to offer, often casting big stars from the late eighties/early nineties … Read more

Neverlost Review

Josh can’t sleep and following the death of his fiancee Kate his life has got steadily worse, in part due to his incessant insomnia. His current girlfriend is cheating on him  and there appears to be little affection between the two. Desperate to get some sleep and try and get his life back in order … Read more

The Violent Kind Review

Directed by Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, who refer to themselves as The Butcher Brothers, The Violent Kind is their third feature film following The Hamiltons (2006) and April Fool’s Day (2008). The film begins with a sex scene between a man and woman which climaxes with the woman punching the man in the face. … Read more