LFF: The New Girlfriend review

This review reveals some surprises from the early scenes of The New Girlfriend, though you will infer the same information from the film’s trailer. The opening shots of The New Girlfriend would appear to show a woman dressing for her wedding day until director Francois Ozon pulls back and reveals that, in fact, we’re seeing her being … Read more

Jeune & Jolie Review

François Ozon, the former enfant terrible of French Cinema, returns after his career best In the House with a rather sedate, even if it is occasionally mildly provocative, character study into the sexual awakening of a seventeen year-old girl. Isabelle, the girl in question, is played by Marine Vacth, an actress for who this will … Read more

In the House Review

Based on The Boy in the Back Row by Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, Francois Ozon’s latest is something of a return to form for the former enfant terrible and a deliciously witty story about storytelling. Weary literature teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini) finds a diamond in the rough in Claude (Ernst Umhauer), who shows real flair … Read more