Cannes: Our Little Sister review

While it was adapted from a manga by Akimi Yoshida, Our Little Sister also follows very closely in the delicate footsteps of director Hirokazu Koreeda’s previous two films, the extraordinary I Wish and Like Father, Like Son. Once again, this is a story focused on familial relations, separation and reconciliation. The lead characters this time are four sisters, the … Read more

Like Father, Like Son Review

Hirokazu Koreeda’s latest in a run of tender explorations of family dynamics rests on a rather unusual high concept, the idea of two children being swapped at birth in a hospital and the error not being discovered until much later. The two children, six year-old boys named Keita and Ryusei, have had very different experiences … Read more

Air Doll Review

The premise of Air Doll is one than will instantly alienate a lot of people, which is unfortunate as it is a premise that Koreeda uses not in the most obvious ‘wacky’ way that people might expect but to investigate emotional subjects. The film is based on a Manga by Yoshiie Goda entitled The Pneumatic … Read more