LFF: Pasolini review

Creating a biopic of the controversial Italian director, poet and essayist Pier Paolo Pasolini is quite an undertaking, and while Abel Ferrara may have stumbled every now and again in Pasolini, he’s certainly made an admirable effort. Willem Dafoe, who does look rather like Pasolini, attacks the central role with confidence and imbues the film with a real sense … Read more

The Gospel According to Matthew Review

It does seem almost perverse that a non-believer, Pasolini, could make what is perhaps the definitive cinematic version of the story of Christ and one that was even endorsed somewhat by the Vatican, with its placement on a Vatican film list compiled in 1995. But simply being a non-believer does not hamper Pasolini’s ability to convey belief and most importantly, … Read more

Accattone Review

Accattone is an appropriate opening to the impressive directorial career of Pier Paolo Pasolini, playing as it does as something of an open ended question and an unfinished thought. The film deals with a unlikeable protagonist named Accattone, which roughly translates as ‘beggar’ or ‘bum’, but rather than condemn or judge Accattone, Pasolini’s film explores … Read more