Top Ten Films Of 2013

My top ten films of 2013, based on US release dates. 1. 12 Years a Slave 2. Inside Llewyn Davis Read my review here. 3. At Berkeley 4. Side Effects 5. Behind the Candelabra Read my review here. 6. Blue is the Warmest Color Read my review here. 7. Gravity Read my review here. 8. … Read more

Oscar Predictions and the Winners as They’re Announced

I’ve never particularly liked the Oscars and I rarely care too much who wins but I’ve always found them oddly compelling. As someone who reads a lot of film sites, magazines and listens to a lot of film podcasts the Oscars are also impossible to avoid and every year the volume of coverage seems to … Read more

Sunday Reads: 24th February 2013

Charlie Sheen Is Winning With Inside the Mind of Charles Swan II Whilst I think the way in which Karina Longworth has her cake and eats it with this piece – dismissing those that have written about Sheen whilst falling into similar traps herself – there is some really fascinating detail in this piece at … Read more

Sunday Reads: 3rd February 2013

Stray penises and politicos David Simon takes a look at a recent unseemly journalistic trend. Louise Brooks And Me Anne Billson blogs about ‘The Girl with the Black Helmet’. Ludivine Sagnier: ‘I got frightened and shut down’ An interview with the wonderful French actress on the occasion of the UK release of Love Crime. My Empire of … Read more