Cannes: Macbeth review

Cannes: Macbeth review

It’s the curse of any film based on well known material that the audience might spend a significant amount of their viewing time considering the ways in which the source has been adapted. Anyone familiar with the ‘Scottish Play’ will go through director Justin Kurzel and screenwriters Jacob Koskoff, Michael Lesslie and Todd Louiso’s version of Macbeth noticing the changes … Read more

Blood Ties review

Blood Ties, the latest feature from director Guillame Canet (Tell No One, Little White Lies), is a remake of the 2008 French thriller Les liens du sang, in which he starred. That film was was in turn an adaptation of the French novel of the same name by Bruno and Michel Papet. But Blood Ties seems … Read more

Cannes: Two Days, One Night review

The films of Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne are widely acclaimed by critics but maybe don’t cross over to public appreciation like some other, similar works. Their films are often extraordinarily moving, flawlessly made and soiciopolitically fascinating but they also tell small, intimate stories in a very quiet and restrained manner which tends not to … Read more

Rust and Bone Review

Everything about Rust and Bone (originally De rouille et d’os), Jacques Audiard’s follow up to his arthouse hit A Prophet, should signify a failure not a film that is not only good but actually great. Audiard has managed to pull a magic trick of sorts in weaving a beautiful story from subject matter and difficult … Read more