Sunday Reads: 15th July 2012

Thanks to services such as Instapaper and having a Kindle and a new smartphone I’m reading more online writing than I’ve ever done before. And there is so much good stuff out there to read.

I’m therefore going to pick out some of the best things I read each week and post a selection of links here.

As I always have a backlog of articles to read these won’t always be articles posted in that particular week but I’ll never post anything that is ‘out-of-date’.

Stop Pirating (Joseph Kahn) Detention director Joseph Kahn sends a message to the people who are currently pirating his film.

Kenneth Lonergan On Why Margaret Shouldn’t Be Perfect (Guy Lodge)

Dirt Under the Rug (David Simon) “The dry story of a statistic”.

Spaghetti Westerns: The Birth of Cynicism (Armond White) Armond White tears apart the Spaghetti Western genre and provides some insightful comments on how the films are often read.

My World of Flops: Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (Nathan Rabin) Nathan Rabin tackles the dreadful Atlas Shrugged adaptation in his excellent ‘My World of Flops’ column.

Mail Supremacy: The Newspaper That Rules Britain Depressing reading but fascinating.

Some Thoughts on 3D by Rian Johnson I disagree with a lot of what Johnson has to say here but it’s very interesting to read the candid thoughts of a filmmaker on this subject.

Prometheus Second Look: Digging Deep Into Spoilers and Questions (Drew McWeeney)

A Cinema of One (Adam Batty) As a frequent solo cinema-goer and festival attendee this is something I can definitely relate to.

I Can’t Stop Reading This Analysis of Gawker’s Editorial Strategy (Andrew Phelps)