Sunday Reads: 15th July 2012

Thanks to services such as Instapaper and having a Kindle and a new smartphone I’m reading more online writing than I’ve ever done before. And there is so much good stuff out there to read. I’m therefore going to pick out some of the best things I read each week and post a selection of … Read more

Detention Review

Joseph Kahn’s debut feature Torque was an odd film that led to some pretty fascinating defences, in particular from online critics who believed that the film had been crucially misunderstood. Whilst the film may be misunderstood in some ways it is far from being a film worthy of high praise and the extent to which Kahn manages … Read more

Frightfest 2011: Five of the Best

FrightFest is probably my favourite film festival and it’s definitely five days in August that I now look forward to every year. This is in part down to the excellent organisation, the incredible atmosphere and the fellow film fans you get to spend the August Bank Holiday with but mostly it’s because the festival affords … Read more