Doc of the Dead review

There was a time in the not too distant past where you might easily have found people who didn’t know what a zombie was. These were people who had never seen a zombie film, people who had no idea what the zombie ‘rules’ were, and people who had no opinion about whether zombies should be fast or slow. … Read more

FrightFest: Maika Monroe on The Guest, It Follows, horror and finding interesting female roles

Despite a starring role in Ramin Bahrani‘s At Any Price and supporting roles in Labor Day and The Bling Ring, Maika Monroe isn’t a well-known name to many. But following her excellent performances in both The Guest and It Follows, a pair of highly entertaining new horror pictures, and a role in upcoming YA adaptation The 5th Wave, I … Read more

FrightFest: All Cheerleaders Die review

Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) isn’t one of the popular clique, she’s more independent and perhaps a little too smart or individual to fit in with the more popular cheerleaders at her school, but when her childhood friend, Alexis (Felisha Cooper), dies in a gruesome cheerleading accident, and Alexis’ boyfriend moves on a little too quickly, she decides … Read more

FrightFest: The Guest review

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett previously collaborated on the reasonably successful and rather enjoyable home invasion thriller, You’re Next. Now their second feature together, The Guest, is along and it’s similarly enjoyable, and could very well be as successful. But also like You’re Next, The Guest doesn’t entirely come together, and while it has some interesting ideas, they aren’t always … Read more