Frightfest 2011: Five of the Best

FrightFest is probably my favourite film festival and it’s definitely five days in August that I now look forward to every year. This is in part down to the excellent organisation, the incredible atmosphere and the fellow film fans you get to spend the August Bank Holiday with but mostly it’s because the festival affords … Read more

Frightfest 2011 Horror Panel with Larry Fessenden, Ti West, Lucky McKee, Adam Green, Joe Lynch and Andrew van den Houten

Larry Fessenden When you make films you want to delight an audience and guys and gals in this audience are here for the thrills and I understand that that’s a role that horror plays. But I think with the advent of better technology you’re able to show more and more detailed gore and I just … Read more

The House of the Devil Review

It’s a tricky time to be making American Horror films right now. Watching the woeful ‘Horror tribute’ at the recent Academy Awards was a sobering reminder of how often this genre is badly treated and misunderstood by the industry that makes so much money out of it’s loyal fans. Release schedules are packed with endless … Read more