Sunday Reads: 30th December 2012

Marilyn, The Master and Melancholia Kim Morgan ties together three subjects that might at first seem very different. Made in America Todd VanDerWerff on the final episode of The Sopranos. ‘Unfilmable’ stories like Life of Pi can make perfect cinema Tim Robey on adaptations of supposedly unfilmable books. Awards and Advocacy. How Should We Choose “The Best”? Nathaniel Rogers on … Read more

What’s actually wrong with the Weinsteins? Part Three: Kenneth Lonergan on Gangs of New York

In a series of posts I attempt to tackle the question ‘What’s actually wrong with the Weinsteins?’ and to document instances of their (possibly) negative effect on the film industry. Read the previous parts here. At a Q&A with Kenneth Lonergan for his latest film, Margaret, about the subject of screenwriting, Lonergan also talked about … Read more

Sunday Reads: 15th July 2012

Thanks to services such as Instapaper and having a Kindle and a new smartphone I’m reading more online writing than I’ve ever done before. And there is so much good stuff out there to read. I’m therefore going to pick out some of the best things I read each week and post a selection of … Read more

Special Features For Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret

After a very, very long delay Kenneth Lonergan’s wonderful Margaret has finally made its way into homes on Blu-ray and DVD and, crucially, the film is now available to see in a 180 minute cut that is far closer to Lonergan’s original vision than the 150 minute cut that was released in cinemas earlier this year. … Read more