What’s actually wrong with the Weinsteins? Part Three: Kenneth Lonergan on Gangs of New York

In a series of posts I attempt to tackle the question ‘What’s actually wrong with the Weinsteins?’ and to document instances of their (possibly) negative effect on the film industry. Read the previous parts here. At a Q&A with Kenneth Lonergan for his latest film, Margaret, about the subject of screenwriting, Lonergan also talked about … Read more

My Voyage to Italy Review

To most the question of what is your favourite Martin Scorsese film is one that will be answered with very few answers. Taxi Driver most likely but if not that then probablyRaging Bull or Godfellas. There’ll probably even be a few that would opt for King of Comedy, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed or even Shutter Island but one thing would most likely be … Read more