Special Features For Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret

After a very, very long delay Kenneth Lonergan’s wonderful Margaret has finally made its way into homes on Blu-ray and DVD and, crucially, the film is now available to see in a 180 minute cut that is far closer to Lonergan’s original vision than the 150 minute cut that was released in cinemas earlier this year. The US Blu-ray can be bought here and the UK DVD can be bought here.

Whilst it is exciting to finally have the opportunity to check out the longer cut, it is unfortunate that Fox have decided not to include any special features on either the UK or US releases.

With a legal case surrounding the film still ongoing, a candid commentary from Lonergan was never going to be on the cards but there are still a number of additions to the releases that could have been made. So, in an effort to address this oversight I have compiled a selection of special features to accompany the film.

This post will be updated as I find more things to include so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.


Petition to encourage Fox Searchlight to give Margaret more exposure.

Script One version of the script (there were many, many versions) was available directly from Fox Searchlight here during the Oscar season but the link appears to now be dead. Never fear though as you can download the script by clicking here.*

Kenneth Lonergan’s email to James Finn (@finnatfox) about the music he was listening to whilst making Margaret.

Spotify playlist of the above music, created by @kurtiss.

Q&A with the cast and crew of Margaret following a screening of the film at the Film Society of Lincoln Centre.

Kenneth Lonergan and J. Smith Cameron on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show

Video of the cast and crew Q&A which followed the screening of the extended cut in New York (09/07/2012)

Kenneth Lonergan on NPR 11/07/2012

Kenneth Lonergan interviews

Anna Paquin Interviews

Anna Paquin and Kenneth Lonergan discussing the bus scene

Short Video Interviews

  • Kenneth Lonergan

  • Anna Paquin

  • J. Smith-Cameron

  • Matthew Broderick

  • Matt Damon

  • B-Roll Footage

An annotated version of the Gerald Manley Hopkins poem that gave the film its title.

Poster designed by Sam Smith. *This new download link has been included here purely because the Fox Searchlight link appears to be broken. If you are aware of any way in which this represents a copyright infringement please contact me immediately – craigskinnerfilm (at) gmail.com – and I will remove the link.