Sunday Reads: 9th September 2012

David Lynch Interview at Pitchfork David Lynch discusses the sound in Eraserhead.

Comedians using their fans for co-ordinated, safety-in-numbers bullying

Twitter Goes to the Movies How Hollywood is using Twitter as a vital part of its marketing approach for films such as Ted.

Beyond praise 5: Still more supplements that really tell you something Kristin Thompson reviews the extras on a selection of new discs and breaks down what they tell us about modern filmmaking.

You’re watching it wrong: Threats to the image in the digital age The sad truth that a number of people are simply watching TV wrong.

The Contempt of Women A rather inflammatory piece at Esquire

and a response to the piece at Teen Sleuth: The Fear of Men

Director Andrew Stanton looks back on ‘John Carter’s’ rocky path

Tom Cruise’s Scientology Marriages: The Secret Wife-Auditioning Process Before Katie Holmes, Revealed A tease of a larger piece on the auditions for Tom Cruise’s new wife.

I’m Done With the Verge Jonathan Poritsky presents a compelling case as to why you should probably stop reading The Verge.

Nolan vs. Nolan David Bordwell doing what he does best, analysing film language with skill, knowledge and in a way that is very easy to digest.

Why I Love ‘The Newsroom’: A Defense of Imperfection A reasonably effective defence of a series that I too am really rather fond of, despite its flaws.