Rewind This, Adjust Your Tracking and why I don’t understand VHS nostalgia

Two new documentaries explore VHS collecting but leave me with a number of questions.

Sunday Reads: 9th September 2012

David Lynch Interview at Pitchfork David Lynch discusses the sound in Eraserhead. Comedians using their fans for co-ordinated, safety-in-numbers bullying Twitter Goes to the Movies How Hollywood is using Twitter as a vital part of its marketing approach for films such as Ted. Beyond praise 5: Still more supplements that really tell you something Kristin Thompson reviews the … Read more

David Lynch on America in Primetime

David Lynch on the experience of watching television when it’s first broadcast. There’s something about a shared experience. You used to know that millions of other people were watching the same thing and there’s something, something kind of cosmic about that… You feel a deeper thing. And you know that deeper thing. The quote comes courtesy of a … Read more