Cannes: Dheepan review

Jacques Audiard has taken a somewhat surprising change of direction after the melodramtic romance of Rust and Bone, opting for a largely Tamil-language immigrant drama for his follow up. More surprising is how the film reaches towards social realism, before ultimately spinning out of control into something more akin to Death Wish 3. The film, named after its … Read more

Matthias Schoenaerts, Jacques Audiard & Thomas Bidegain Interviews for Rust and Bone

How would you characterise Rust and Bone? Jacques Audiard It’s a melodrama. We call it ‘Melo-trash’… It’s a love story. What about Matthias Schoenaerts stood out and led to him being cast? Jacques Audiard The part we wrote was tougher than what it is on screen now. A closed character. More like an animal somehow. … Read more

Rust and Bone Review

Everything about Rust and Bone (originally De rouille et d’os), Jacques Audiard’s follow up to his arthouse hit A Prophet, should signify a failure not a film that is not only good but actually great. Audiard has managed to pull a magic trick of sorts in weaving a beautiful story from subject matter and difficult … Read more

Un Prophete Review

Audiard is renowned for his slow working practices, taking a long time to prepare for each new film. In this case there have been five years between The Heart My Beat Skipped and Un Prophete. In this time Audiard has researched the French prison system and meticulously planned this somewhat epic crime film. Un Prophete … Read more