I Am Divine review

Note: In this review I refer to both Glenn and Divine as male, using “He” and “His.” I have done this as Divine’s friend John Waters does the same throughout the film. Harris Glenn Milstead was born in 1945 to Harris Benard Milstead and Frances Milstead. His parents were socially conservative, upper middle class and brought up young Glenn – they … Read more

Traci Lords Interview for Excision

Were you familiar with Richard Bates Jr.’s short film before you starred in the feature and what did you initially think of it and the idea? My agent sent me the script and short film. I was intrigued. And after several meetings and a screen test…the role was mine . Was there one thing in … Read more

Excision Review

18-year-old Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) is a very disturbed teenager, even more so than the average teenager. She even quips at one point though, “I don’t know of a teenager who doesn’t profile as a socio-path…”. Pauline is exactly the kind of child her mother, played with pointed prudishness by Traci Lords, doesn’t want. When presented with this problem child, … Read more