Secret Reunion Review

Directed by Jang Hun Secret Reunion is a hard film to easily pin down. In many ways it is a action orientated buddy movie but it also contains a lot of comedy, thriller elements and even melodrama and all are blended expertly. This successful meshing of genres and the resulting tonal shifts help make Secret … Read more

Moss Review

Perhaps best known for his Public Enemy trilogy, Woo-Suk Kang has chosen to now tackle the adaptation of the popular internet comic Moss. The story of Moss is built around an intricate series of secrets and lies that are uncovered by Hae-guk (Park Hai-il) following the death of his father. Traveling to the village where … Read more

The Front Line Review

Dispatched to the front line of the Korean civil war in January 1953, Kang Eun-pyo (Shin Ha-kyun) is on a mission to investigate the suspicious death of an officer and hunt out a potential communist spy. But as he begins to fight alongside the ‘Alligator’ unit his perception of the war and the divisions between … Read more

I Saw the Devil Review

Kim Ji-woon’s I Saw the Devil was treated to a special preview screening at this year’s London Korean Film Festival and the audience seemed to thoroughly ‘enjoy’ the film, apart from a small number of walkouts during the particularly violent scenes. I Saw the Devil received a release in Korea earlier this year but due … Read more