Steven ‘The Butcher’ Soderbergh Part 4 – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Welcome to the fourth and final part of a series on Steven ‘The Butcher’ Soderbergh, wherein I take a look at Steven Soderbergh‘s online video releases. Throughout these features I will not only look at the way in which these films do, or do not, work but also try to understand Soderbergh’s possible motivations. As with his re-cut of Heaven’s Gate, Steven … Read more

Rodney Ascher and Tim Kirk Interview for Room 237

Why The Shining? Obviously Kubrick had an obsessive attention to detail, is that the main thing? Rodney Ascher There’s a couple of things. It started with The Shining, it started when Tim sent me an online analysis that was super deep about The Shining. Mind blowing ideas about Zodiac and government conspiracies and Kubrick’s personal … Read more

Stanley Kubrick’s Cinematic Lolita

Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film Lolita, adapted from Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel of the same name, is a fascinating example of a cinematic adaptation and one that is oddly under-discussed within Kubrick’s career, even though it was something of a cause célèbre at the time of its release. The novel upon which the film is based is a … Read more