Top Ten Films of 2012

1. Margaret (extended cut) I queued up outside the Odeon on Panton Street for the UK ‘première’ of Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret in 2011 and as this beautiful but scarred film unfolded in front of me I slowly fell head of heels for it. If you followed me on Twitter towards the end of 2011 you may have become somewhat bored with the name … Read more

The Sight and Sound Top Ten Greatest Films of All Time

As chosen by 846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors, the Sight and Sound ‘greatest film of all time’ poll results are in. The top ten list is as follows, 1. Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958) 2. Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941) 3. Tokyo Story (Ozu, 1953) 4. La Règle du jeu (Renoir, 1939) 5. Sunrise: a Song of … Read more