Cannes: Yakuza Apocalypse review

Cannes: Yakuza Apocalypse review

Kageyama (Hayato Ichihara) made it his mission to become a yakuza following an encounter in a bath house with a charismatic yakuza boss named Kamiura, played by the wonderful Riri Furanki. But the way of the yakuza, and particularly so in the gleefully imagined reality of director Takashi Miike and screenwriter Yoshitaka Yamaguchi, is not an easy … Read more

Everly review

Back in 2007, Joe Lynch‘s directorial debut proved to be a very pleasant surprise. But ahead of release, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End was maybe not looking so promising. It was a sequel to a film that wasn’t particularly good to begin with and certainly didn’t feel like it was begging for a follow up. Lynch had a low budget, a straight … Read more

Sunday Reads: 16th December 2012

With Bill Murray, Just Take the Trip An interview at The New York Times with the great Bill Murray. Playboy Interview with Quentin Tarantino.  Last month was the one month when film fans could legitimately argue that they bought Playboy for the articles. I certainly did. This interview was one of the reasons. Q: What do Skyfall, The … Read more

For Love’s Sake (Ai To Makoto) Review

Seemingly back making films at a breakneck pace Takashi Miike makes it clear with For Love’s Sake (Ai To Makoto) that 13 Assassins and Harakiri, his recent period samurai remakes, were examples of him branching out further, rather than a full-blown new direction. That’s not to say that Miike is fully back to approaching the … Read more