Sunday Reads: 25th November 2012

The Flash vs. Gurdjieff by Alejandro Jodorowsky A new translation of a piece originally published in the Spanish science-fiction magazine Nueva Dimensión in 1968.

Why Louie is the next stage in the evolution of the TV sitcom Todd VanDerWerff assesses the current state of quality scripted television in America and discusses what differences Louie could make.

Screen Grabs: When Theaters Transition to Digital Projection, What’s Lost? An important piece on the financial difficulties smaller cinemas face in moving from 35mm to digital.

Q&A: Leos Carax Explains ‘Holy Motors’ and Why He Wants to Make a Superhero Movie

Making porn actors wear condoms is not the best way to protect us Adult performer Jessica Stoya makes a compelling and surprising argument about the use of condoms in pornography.

Disgracefully Overdue Face-Saving Blu-ray Consumer Guide, October 2012 Another essential Blu-ray update from Glenn Kenny.

In defense of podcasts (even if they don’t make money) A piece from earlier this year but it’s still very relevant.

Mario’s Film Folly: The True Story Behind Hollywood’s Biggest Gaming Blunder As films based on video games begin to take in a lot more money at the box office and seemingly start moving towards a more serious approach, a look back at the rather dreadful Super Mario Brothers.

Why the Best Movies Still Get Bad Reviews — And Why That’s a Good Thing It shouldn’t need spelling out, but perhaps it does. Luckily Matt Singer does a great job of doing so.

And finally… Two responses to my Films Not Freebies post, one at Criticwire and one at I-Flicks.