Sunday Reads: 9th December 2012

Interview: Parker Posey A recent interview with “Queen of the Indies” Parker Posey. Just how inaccurate were the hacking scenes in Skyfall? Spoiler: Very. How Should Critics Review Child Actors? An interesting point well made by Matt Singer. This is certainly something that I think about when writing a review, but I think it’s important to also remember … Read more

Sunday Reads: 25th November 2012

The Flash vs. Gurdjieff by Alejandro Jodorowsky A new translation of a piece originally published in the Spanish science-fiction magazine Nueva Dimensión in 1968. Why Louie is the next stage in the evolution of the TV sitcom Todd VanDerWerff assesses the current state of quality scripted television in America and discusses what differences Louie could make. … Read more

Sunday Reads: 6th October 2012

How Digital Is Changing the Nature of Movies Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott discuss the move from film to digital. Cadre of film buffs helps Netflix viewers sort through the clutter Why does Netflix categorise films in such a bizarre way? Who comes up with those categories? This article has the answers. Beyond The Matrix: The … Read more