Cannes: Irrational Man review

Unless Woody Allen is to live until a very old age indeed, he must currently be in the later part of his career as a filmmaker. Even still, he’s just premiered one of the most youthful and sprightly pictures of his entire body of work. Irrational Man is a highly entertaining thriller with laughs, or perhaps even a comedy with thrills. The … Read more

Ned Rifle review

Hal Hartley‘s Ned Rifle completes a trilogy that began with 1997’s Henry Fool. At the time, Fool cemented Hartley’s reputation as a key figure in independent American film, and an artist with his own, very specific voice. In that first film of the series, Hartley introduces the dysfunctional Grim family before sending them into disarray with the arrival of the titular Henry (Thomas … Read more

Sunday Reads: 9th December 2012

Interview: Parker Posey A recent interview with “Queen of the Indies” Parker Posey. Just how inaccurate were the hacking scenes in Skyfall? Spoiler: Very. How Should Critics Review Child Actors? An interesting point well made by Matt Singer. This is certainly something that I think about when writing a review, but I think it’s important to also remember … Read more