Douglas Trumbull Interview

There’s a lot to Silent Running in the technology, the story and the ecological message. What first got you excited about making the film? When I was initially thinking about doing any film I inadvertently came across Tod Browning’s movie The Freaks and there was an amazing character played by Johnny Eck, who could walk on his hands. That … Read more

Sunday Reads: 28th October 2012

3D FilmSchool 101: Just How And Why Fox Have Converted I, Robot From 2D To 3D Brendon Connelly reports on the conversion of I, Robot to 3D and goes into detail regarding the considerations made during any 2D to 3D conversion. The Frankenweenie Cell Phone War Another sad story about the inability of adults to act like … Read more

Should 3D Die Already?

In a recent post at entitled ‘Dear 3D, Please Die Already (Again)’, Scott Weinberg (a writer whose thoughts on film I generally agree with) bemoaned the current trend of 3D films filling multiplexes. His piece taps into a number of opinions about 3D that seem very common right now and whilst I’m not exactly … Read more