An Open Secret review

Amy Berg previously took a look at institutionalised paedophilia within the catholic church for her 2006 documentary Deliver Us from Evil. Now she has turned her attention to the similar abuse of children in Hollywood. And based on what we see in her new film, An Open Secret, these crimes seem to be continuing with little opposition. The film opens with … Read more

Amy Berg Interview for West of Memphis

What was your first involvement with the film and the story? I came in very late. I came in after Peter [Jackson] and Fran [Walsh] had presented all of this new evidence to the judge. Well, they didn’t even get to present it, it was denied immediately. And then had to regroup and decide how to get … Read more

West of Memphis Review

An appalling and heinous crime occurred in 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas. Three eight year-old boys were murdered and their bodies left in a creek bed, naked and hog-tied. The murder shook the local residents and the police force, everyone unable to comprehend how this happened and who could have done such a thing. Influenced … Read more