The Salvation review

The extent to which you enjoy The Salvation will be rooted in your feelings about westerns in general, such is director Kristin Levring‘s devotion to the trappings and tropes of the genre. So many recognisable elements are on display that the film sometimes feels like a highlights reel. The story opens with the introduction of a lone gunman hero, … Read more

Cannes: Rolf de Heer talks to us about Charlie’s Country, loose filmmaking process and David Gulpilil

At the centre of Rolf de Heer‘s latest film, Charlie’s Country, is the titular Charlie, an aboriginal man in a struggle with the modern Australian society that rejects his way of life. Charlie is played by the much-loved actor David Gulpilil, and the film is obviously as personal for him as it is for director-writer de … Read more

Cannes: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Them review

That syntactical nightmare of a headline is an unfortunate side effect of a late choice to edit two films into one. For the record, we’ve reproduced the title exactly as it appeared on screen, with no hyphen or colon to be found. Writer-director Ned Benson first premiered a pair of work-in-progress cuts at TIFF last year. These were … Read more

Cannes: July Jung talks to us about A Girl at My Door, identity and Lee Chang-dong

July Jung‘s directorial debut, A Girl at My Door, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival as part of Un Certain Regard. I was lucky enough to speak to her about the film after the screening. She shared her thoughts on working with producer Lee Chang-dong, on the portrayal of justice in Korean films and the … Read more