The Rover review

David Michôd‘s follow up to his breakout critical hit, the 2010 crime saga Animal Family, is filled with even more dread, violence and bleakness. The Rover is set in an Australia of the future and opens with a title card that tells us we’re “Ten Years After the Collapse.” It’s never entirely clear what that collapse consisted … Read more

John Hillcoat Interview for Lawless

Storyboarding/Pre-visualisation. It’s certainly storyboarding as opposed to pre-visualisation, although storyboards are a form of pre-visualisation. What I do is work with the DP in rehearsal. When I rehearse with the actors. I love rehearsing, it’s weirdly the greatest weakness of the entire American film industry because they don’t have enough prep, they just throw money … Read more

Lawless Review

Recently retitled Lawless from The Wettest County in the World, the title it originally took from the source novel by Matt Bondurant, the latest from John Hillcoat and Nick Cave is a solidly told tale of moonshiners in depression-era Franklin County and is based on the real life (mis)adventures of the Bondurant brothers. Here played … Read more