Ted Kotcheff on First Blood and how Rambo almost died

Earlier today news broke that after a series of false starts and different story ideas, a fifth Rambo film will indeed go into production soon, and Stallone will be back in the title role. What better time, we thought, to share a few anecdotes director Ted Kotcheff told us about First Blood earlier this year. We were saving … Read more

Ted Kotcheff discusses Wake in Fright, kangaroo slaughter and existentialism

As promised, here is the second part of our interview with Ted Kotcheff.

Wake in Fright director Ted Kotcheff talks to us about his past, present and future

Ted Kotcheff’s Wake in Fright arrives on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK next week from the Masters of Cinema. We were lucky enough to recently sit down for an hour or so of Skype time with Mr. Kotcheff to discuss that film and much, much more. Below is the first portion of our interview. … Read more