The Expendables 3 review

What began as the somewhat amusing high-concept premise of teaming up affectionately remembered, older action stars, and perhaps not much more, has now spawned two sequels and will soon, I have no doubt, be a wider franchise with further sequels and a number of spin offs. The Expendables 3, which is hardly exceptional but by far the best of … Read more

Ted Kotcheff on First Blood and how Rambo almost died

Earlier today news broke that after a series of false starts and different story ideas, a fifth Rambo film will indeed go into production soon, and Stallone will be back in the title role. What better time, we thought, to share a few anecdotes director Ted Kotcheff told us about First Blood earlier this year. We were saving … Read more

Cannes report: The Expendables 3 special presentation

Fun behind the scenes of the most promising Expendables film to date.

Bullet to the Head Review

Walter Hill has a lot of good will in the bank for making a number of somewhat flawed but wonderfully enjoyable hard boiled pictures over the past forty years. His films may have done little to raise his status as a director to that of a venerated and individual artist, films such as The Warriors … Read more