Ari Folman discusses The Congress, Robin Wright and directing live-action and animation

Ari Folman‘s The Congress, his follow-up to the widely acclaimed Waltz with Bashir, arrives in UK cinemas this week. To mark the occasion, I was lucky enough to speak to him at his home in Israel over the phone last week. We covered a great many subjects and chatted for some time, about his film, the … Read more

Robin Wright Shares Her Thoughts On The State Of Cinema At A Q&A For The Congress

Recalling a few similar points that Steven Soderbergh made in his State of Cinema address, Robin Wright shared some thoughts about the state of modern Hollywood during a Q&A at the London Film Festival last year. She began by talking about how she came to be involved in making The Congress before moving into some more general observations about … Read more

Axelle Carolyn on Soulmate and the BBFC

Axelle Carolyn‘s feature film début, Soulmate, is unfortunately going to be cut for its UK release, following a BBFC judgment on its opening scene. For those who may be unfamiliar with the British Board of Film Classification, what this means is that the uncut version of Carolyn’s film cannot now be sold in a physical format anywhere in … Read more

Ted Kotcheff on First Blood and how Rambo almost died

Earlier today news broke that after a series of false starts and different story ideas, a fifth Rambo film will indeed go into production soon, and Stallone will be back in the title role. What better time, we thought, to share a few anecdotes director Ted Kotcheff told us about First Blood earlier this year. We were saving … Read more