Axelle Carolyn on Soulmate and the BBFC

Axelle Carolyn‘s feature film début, Soulmate, is unfortunately going to be cut for its UK release, following a BBFC judgment on its opening scene. For those who may be unfamiliar with the British Board of Film Classification, what this means is that the uncut version of Carolyn’s film cannot now be sold in a physical format anywhere in … Read more

The BBFC Are Using Flawed Research to Reaffirm Their Policies Regarding ‘Potential Harm’

Contrary to a common error that many seem to make, the BBFC stands for ‘British Board of Film Classification’ and not the ‘British Board of Film Censors’ (this was its name until 1984). Though, as a film fan growing up in the UK I always associated the board with censorship. Tracking down films to watch I was always struck by … Read more

Sunday Reads: 16th December 2012

With Bill Murray, Just Take the Trip An interview at The New York Times with the great Bill Murray. Playboy Interview with Quentin Tarantino.  Last month was the one month when film fans could legitimately argue that they bought Playboy for the articles. I certainly did. This interview was one of the reasons. Q: What do Skyfall, The … Read more