Big Eyes review

With narration from gossip columnist Dick Nolan (Danny Huston) neatly providing a little exposition, Big Eyes opens with an easy glide into its 1950s setting, and the introduction of our protagonist, Margaret (Amy Adams). Margaret has packed up her stuff, and with her daughter in tow is leaving her husband – not something, the voiceover tells … Read more

Horrible Bosses 2 review

The rule of diminishing returns most definitely took a hold of Horrible Bosses 2, but this lukewarm retread of the first did manage to generate just enough sparks to hold my attention. Sean Anders and John Morris’ script reintroduces the first film’s three protagonists – Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudekis) and Dale (Charlie Day) – as … Read more

The Zero Theorem review

The set up is rich subject matter for grand ideas and Gilliam barrels head first into many with almost wanton abandon.