Louis Malle’s Vive le Tour provides a fascinating snapshot of a very different Tour de France

As the Tour de France kicks off this weekend, we’ve taken this as encouragement to revisit Louis Malle‘s superb documentary Vive le Tour and the wonderful insight it gives us into a very different race. When Malle turned his cameras on the cyclists in 1962, the Tour de France was almost six decades old – with a couple of pauses for two … Read more

The rights and wrongs of Criterion’s decision to ditch ‘dual format’ releases

Less than a year ago, Criterion Collection CEO Peter Becker took to the label’s official blog and announced their decision to release new titles in dual format editions and not as separate Blu-ray and DVD releases. I expected some resistance to this announcement, but Becker seemed to pre-empt most criticisms with some cogent reasoning. While dual format editions would mean … Read more