A Guide to the Film References in Django Unchained

Much like many of Tarantino’s previous films Django Unchained is filled to the brim with film references. Below I’ve attempted to guide you through some of these references and links to other films. The following is in no way definitive but hopefully provides some answers for those wondering what Tarantino was referencing in Django Unchained. Also, most importantly, … Read more

Il Mercenario Review

It is quite incredible to think that Sergio Corbucci made Il Mercenario in the same year as the fantastic Il Grande Silenzio, both such superb Italian Westerns but both so very different. Il Grande Silenzio stands out in part for its setting, the wintry ground thick with snow, but also for its bleak and sombre tone. Il Mercenario’s setting, however, is much … Read more